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Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

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Online Shopping

Online Shopping

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Applying A Decal

Applying A Decal

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Applying A Decal

Applying A Decal

Applying A Decal

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About Lynda

I am currently a teacher at the Ironwood Area Schools. This business is done on the side and I am enjoying it very much! Please keep this in mind when contacting me.  Usually I am able to respond to everyone the same day.  I generally have a 1 to 2 week turnaround time on orders. 

Items Available

I currently have a variety of unisex T-Shirts on hand.  I can work with you to find the item you want. I have customized a number of different items including T-Shirts & Hoodies, leggings, vehicle decals, place mats, wine glasses, coffee cups, travel bags, koozies, coffee sleeves and many more!


I will send you a proof of your item for approval before it is made.  If there is something you want changed please tell me.

Vinyl on Apparel

When making apparel vinyl is added on top of the material.  This creates another layer and therefore changes what I can do.  I do not like to make a large area of solid vinyl because in my opinion it feels "hard and stiff." Vinyl is also cut 1 color at a time.  I am only able to do solid colors.  Hopefully in the future I can expand my business and offer other options. 

Vinyl Color and Size

I have a wide variety of vinyl colors in stock.  If a certain color is needed we can work to find it.  I have glitter and other special vinyls also.  I can create things that are up to 23 inches if needed. 


Pick-up's are usually scheduled after 3:30 during the week or on weekends.  I can arrange a daytime pick-up if needed.  I am located in Ironwood by Theater North. I do ship items and customers pay the shipping cost. 

Mugs & Glasses

I use permanent vinyl, but mugs and glasses are not dishwasher safe.  Hand wash with care only. 

Average Price List

I do not charge extra for the item that is being customized. I charge based off of the amount of vinyl used, time to create, how detailed the items are, and number of colors being used.

Coffee Cups & Tumblers

E-mail Moxie

Contact MVC if you have any questions or would like to purchase an item.

Please e-mail, Facebook, or Instagram Lynda at #MoxieVinylCreations or

Lynda Alonen

Moxie Vinyl Creations